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The reference price applies to requests from within Japan, and the delivered materials will be provided in Japanese. For pricing regarding requests from outside Japan, please inquire separately.

1Rad-Seq Sequencing
2Rad-Seq Sequencing + Variant Call
3GRAS-Di®️DNA Extraction + Sequencing
4GRAS-Di®️DNA Extraction + Sequencing + Variant Call
5QTL-SeqDNA Extraction + Sequencing + Bioinformatics (QTL Detection)
6Iso-SeqRNA Extraction + Sequencing + Bioinformatics
7RNA-SeqSequencing + Bioinformatics (Gene Expression Profiling)
8Whole Genome Shotgun SequencingShort-read Sequencing + Variant Call
9Whole Genome AssemblyLong-read Seqencing + Genome Assembly
10DNA Marker AnalysisVariety Identification
11DNA Marker AnalysisF1 Seeds Purity Testing
12Development of DNA Marker SSR marker
13Development of DNA Marker SNP marker