What's Trends Now!
FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer) 技術を使ったSNP 解析システム の運用コストが 安価に !?
What's Trends Now!
Revio はじめました。
この夏、PacBio 社の最新プラットフォーム「Revio™」での受託分析サービスを開始いたしました。

The DNA Analysis Center supports research in the DNA and genetic fields by maximizing the use of various cutting-edge DNA analysis technologies and accumulated nucleotide sequence information that Kazusa DNA Research Institute has developed over the years, and by using the latest analytical instruments owned by the Institute.

2023/08/28 We will have a booth at the 4th Asian International Horticultural Congress held at the University of Tokyo on August 29th to 30th.

2023/08/15 New website for DNA Analysis Center was launched.